Sync data from Looker to Webflow

Bring in the power of personalization and dynamic content to your web projects on Webflow using rich customer data from your data warehouse

Personalization is key to keeping engagement on your websites high. By combining rich customer data from your data warehouse and the flexibility of Webflow CMS, you can build truly engaging customer experiences across all your web properties. Build custom pages for customers based on their professional or demographic data to win their business and retain them as loyal customers.
Use Cases
  • Sync customer data to Webflow CMS to create personalized web pages
  • Update your Webflow CMS based on the results of SQL queries that run on your data warehouse
  • Create dynamic content that is updated automatically based on data in your warehouse
About WebflowWebflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code. Learn more about Webflow
About LookerLooker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily.Learn more about Looker
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Make data the center of your business decisions

Lock iconSecure by designOwn your data. Avoid lengthy security reviews.
Swap iconPowerfulLeverage all the work of your data analysts & engineers.
Person iconCustomizableCentralize segmentation and customer profiles.
Eye iconSource of truthYour warehouse is the source of truth for customer data.