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The leading Data Activation platform. Hightouch syncs customer data from your warehouse to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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The Last Mile of the Modern Data Stack

Hightouch syncs your customer data to 80+ SaaS destinations.

Last mile of the modern stack
By data engineers, for data engineers

No scripts. No APIs. Just SQL.

Don’t waste your time building custom integrations with each SaaS tool. Focus on building data models instead.

Dbt, Looker, Airflow
Leverage the Modern Stack

Use your existing dbt and Looker models. Trigger syncs with Airflow, dbt Cloud or by hitting our API.

Slack observability and alert
Observability and Alerting

Get alerted when syncs fail in Datadog, Pagerduty, & Slack. Then, use our live debugger which records all responses from API requests to fix errors.

Version control with GIT
Version control with Git

Hightouch encourages engineering best practices by bi-directionally syncing all configuration changes with git.

Turn your warehouse into your CDP
Turn your warehouse into your CDP

Don't wait 6 months to implement a CDP. Hightouch turns your warehouse into a CDP so you can activate your data now and use flexible data models

How our customers activate their data

Don’t just keep your data locked in dashboards. Send your valuable data models like LTV, ARR & more to the tools your teams live in day-to-day so that together you can grow your business.


Align your business around complete & consistent data

CDPs & iPaaS don’t have access to all of your data and send inconsistent data to each tool, causing your teams to mistrust your data.
Use your data warehouse to sync a consistent view of your customers with Reverse ETL. No more data silos.

Old way: Point-Point & Event-Based
Old way: Point-Point & Event-Based

How it works

PostgreSQL query preview
Select the data you need

Write SQL directly, define the data you need in our Visual Audience Builder or import from existing tables and dbt models.

Integration option tool logos
Choose a destination from our catalog

Choose from one of the 70+ destinations available in Hightouch.

Mapping configuration preview
Manage mappings

Configure the mappings that define how fields from your query should map to fields in the destination.

Schedule setup preview
Set up a schedule and begin syncing data

Multiple basic and advanced scheduling options are available. Set up one of these and watch as data begins syncing!

Salesforce wasn’t built for product-led growth companies. The key to finding qualified leads across Zeplin’s millions of users is looking at product usage metrics. Without Hightouch, our account team is running blind.

Andrew Yip
Andrew YipSales Operations @ Zeplin

With Hightouch, we have confidence that we can get the data we need into HubSpot to run campaigns with fresh data to add that personal touch

Jake Levinger
Jake LevingerMarketing Operations @ Retool

The value is being able to pull in Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, NetSuite and Lever, and blend the data from historically separate departments together for analysis. With Hightouch we can then push it out to make sure that everyone's looking at the same metrics.

William Tsu
William TsuCustomer Success Operations @ Blend

We integrate with over 80+ Destinations

AmplitudeIterableAirtableChurnzeroIntercomMixpanelWebhooksGainsightPostgres RDSMarketoHubspotNetsuitemParticleSendgridTotangoKlaviyoStripePendoOnesignalTalkdeskZendeskFacebookActiveCampaignVeroSalesforceSegmentGoogle AdsGoogle SheetsMailchimpSlackAsanaCustomer.ioBing AdsFrontQualtricsAnaplanRudderstackPagerdutyAcousticAmazon AthenaSnapchatTikTok

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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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