Enable marketing with Hightouch

Drive growth with better data

Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to tools that your marketing team relies on.

Lifecycle marketing

Holistic customer profiles

  • Get a complete view of the customer in all of your marketing tools without creating a new 'source of truth'
  • Run personalized campaigns across all channels (email, push, ads, etc.) using rich customer data without engineers
  • Leverage computations from your data warehouse or BI or create new ones on top of the same customer data
Performance marketing

Centralized audience segmentation

  • Manage audiences across ad platforms like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn through one interface.
  • Create new segments or use existing segments from your BI team. Don’t repeat work that’s already been done before.
  • Don’t be limited to emails and phone numbers. Target anonymous visitors with all of the event data in your warehouse without sacrifice match rate.

We have really granular data about our customers in the warehouse, but it generally gathers dust there. Hightouch makes this data more valuable and actionable by allowing us to make it available across our marketing stack and business systems. All without relying on product and eng.

Jake LevingerMarketing Ops @ Retool
Enable marketing with Hightouch

Run better campaigns with better data

Secure by designOwn your data. Avoid lengthy security reviews.
PowerfulLeverage all the work of your data analysts & engineers.
CustomizableCentralize segmentation and customer profiles.
Source of truthYour warehouse is the source of truth for customer data.