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Our basic features are free forever, and you can trial our extensive team features for 30 days.



For startups and small businesses setting up their first data stack and learning about data.
  • Up to 10k monthly active records
  • 1 destination


For teams looking for a robust platform to scale their data infrastructure to up to 100k records.
  • 10k monthly active records
  • 3 destinations
  • 24h uptime SLA
  • SSO with Google

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For enterprises looking to build the modern data stack with the help of Hightouch's experts.
  • > 100k monthly active records
  • Unlimited destinations
  • Up to 1hr response time SLA
  • Other SSO & Roles

Estimating Monthly Active Records

Only pay for what you useConsumption based pricing guarantees that you only pay when updating records. Not MAUs or tracked users. On an annual plan, we don’t charge overages until you exceed your limit for the year.
Unique records synced per destinationHightouch de-duplicate records at the destination level, so you pay only if the record updated that month, not every time it updates.
Pay less as you scale upWith unlimited integrations, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs for “premium destinations”. Pay less per record as your company scales it’s data.


The Hightouch team is here to help! Shoot us a note.

Absolutely, once you get the ball rolling, we're happy to give you ~2 months off if you pay annual upfront.

For early stage startups (<40 employees or <10M in funding), our Team plans are all $100/month. For business affected by COVID, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assess on a case by case basis.

We charge your credit card at the beginning of each monthly billing period, and we won't charge for overages during that given month. Before your next payment, Hightouch will notify you if you whether you should upgrade to a higher plan for the next month.

Absolutely! We're happy to help customers regardless of their size, please message us on Intercom, email us, or book a time with us and we'll make sure set up is effortless as possible.

Hightouch engineers are talking to customers 24/7 because we're located around the world. We have a Shared Slack channel with all of our customers for real time feedback and support.