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Call a webhook every time the result of a Highouch query is updated with fresh data

Webhooks are wonderful since they enable an app or web service to send real-time information to another application. By calling webhooks via Hightouch, you can trigger custom events on any app that supports incoming webhooks and send updated data to that app. Or you can use an integration platform (iPaaS) to send the webhook data to any third-party SaaS tool that integrates with the iPaaS solution.
Use Cases
  • Trigger a webhook every time a query runs within Hightouch
  • Pass only the updated/changed data to the webhook
  • Trigger downstream events or automate tasks using iPaaS solutions
Learn how to send data to Webhook from Hightouch
About WebhookA webhook is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page or web application with custom, user-defined HTTP callbacks. Learn more about Webhook
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