TheTradeDesk Postback

Sync your impression data with TheTradeDesk using data from your warehouse

Power your Tradedesk platform with up to date data straight from your data warehouse. Use highly customizable postback URL's to handle data your way, and equip your team with all the necessary tools so they can deliver a top of the line advertising experience.
Use Cases
  • Sync up to date data with TheTradeDesk using postback URL's
  • Take control of your data using highly customizable postback URL's
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About TheTradeDesk Postback
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Make data the center of your business decisions

Secure by designOwn your data. Avoid lengthy security reviews.
PowerfulLeverage all the work of your data analysts & engineers.
CustomizableCentralize segmentation and customer profiles.
Source of truthYour warehouse is the source of truth for customer data.