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Sync data from Firebolt to Heap

Sync your most recently captured event data to Heap to both measure and dramatically improve your digital experience

You've recently built a great digital experience but need to gather information to improve upon the current iteration. How can you know what works and what doesn't? With Hightouch's Heap integration, you're able to sync your most recent behavioral and product data to better analyze who is interacting with your product and how. Now any improvements made to your product can be driven by meaningful data and optimized to promote retention.
Use Cases
  • Sync the freshest event data to your Heap environment to better analyze who is interacting with your product and how
  • Provide valuable insight to drive growth and produce tangible ROI
  • Enrich your user data by syncing user-specific properties for a more wholistic view of your user base
Learn how to send data from Firebolt to Heap with Hightouch
About HeapHeap is a Digital Insights Platform that tells you what is happening on your website or in your digital product. It provides valuable analysis of who is interacting with your product, how they are interacting with it, and why.
About FireboltDeliver production grade data applications & analytics with Firebolt - the cloud data warehouse for modern data engineering & dev teamsLearn more about Firebolt
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