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Sync your database/warehouse to your airtable bases for ops, CRM, or anything you can imagine

As an Airtable user, you are probably already familiar with the power of automation. Either way, with our Airtable integration, your bases can automatically pull updated data from your data warehouse on a predefined schedule, enabling your teams to never worry about data being stale or inaccurate. It's time to combine automation with fresh data!
Use Cases
  • Sync all of the results of a SQL query into an airtable base so that the data is available to business teams
  • Run ops and fulfill orders using Airtable as the ops layer, save time on building product
  • Update records that already exist in your Airtable using information from your database/warehouse
Learn how to send data to Airtable from Hightouch
About AirtableAirtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.Learn more about Airtable
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