Sync data from Airtable to Amplitude

Empower your product teams with richer data from your warehouse to perform deeper analysis and better understand user behavior

Ideally, your data warehouse should contain all your customer data and when that is the case, using your warehouse as the source for your Amplitude data enables richer product-usage analysis. You can sync enriched data from your warehouse to create more granular segments on Amplitude as well as bring in data from your engagement tools. Moreover, you can ensure that the data on Amplitude that is consumed by your product and growth teams is always up-to-date and in the expected format. Lastly, if your company also uses a Business Intelligence tool such as Looker or Mode alongside Amplitude, you can ensure that the data is consistent across both systems since your data warehouse is the only source of data.
Use Cases
  • Sync enriched customer data to perform granular user and cohort analysis
  • Export your warehouse data to Amplitude frequently and in a reliable manner
  • Go beyond event analysis and understand who the user is with enriched entity data
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