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Visual Audience Builder

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Filter conditions

Filter conditions

"Filter conditions" are the core of the visual builder. You can mix and match the different conditions to slice your users table to a very specific audience.

The Property Condition

The property condition is the most basic condition. It filters users based on the values of columns in the users table.For example:
  • All users where their city is "San Francisco"
  • All users where their age is less than 25.

Here's how it looks in the visual builder:

The Event Condition

The event condition filters users based on what events they've performed. It supports specifying multiple events that have to happen in order.For example:
  • All users that viewed the website, but didn't create an account.
  • All users that viewed a promo page on the website, and then checked out.

Here's how it looks in the visual builder:The related object condition filters users based on data in other models. In SQL speak, it lets you filter based on the matches on a foreign key to another table.For example:
  • All users that have purchased more than 3 items
  • All users that are a part of workspaces with only one member.

Here's how it looks in the visual builder:

The Audience Condition

The audience condition filters users based on whether they're a part of another audience. This condition is helpful for constructing complex audiences, and ensuring that users aren't duplicated across campaigns.For example:
  • All users that added an item to their cart and are not part of the "TV buyer" audience.

Here's how it looks in the visual builder: