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Stripe is a software platform for running an internet business, helping to power commerce for businesses of all sizes. Stripe provides a service for accepting and managing all of your online payments.


This integration allows you to sync customers between your sources and Stripe.

Initial Setup

To find the data center and API key, navigate to the Stripe Dashboard.The Stripe API key should be available on the dashboard homepage.If you haven't created your API key, Stripe will require you to enter your business details on the Stripe Onboarding page

Syncing Stripe Customers

Hightouch supports syncing to the following Stripe resources:
  • Customers

Sync Modes

This integration supports Upsert mode and Update.In the Upsert mode, new customers will be inserted into Stripe and all attributes will be kept up-to-date within Stripe.In Update mode, existing customer's will be updated within Stripe while keeping all other attributes the same.

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Stripe workspace by your Customer's Email in the Upsert mode.In Update mode, Records can be matched from your source to your Stripe workspace by Stripe Customer Id or by Customer Email.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Stripes's customers. Hightouch detects the default fields from your Stripe customers.You can add custom fields to your customer sync that will be mapped to the metadata attribute in Stripe.

Mapping Address and Shipping Address

In Stripe, customer addresses and shipping addresses are 2 separate fields, and both are represented in Hightouch as objects.Shipping address is represented as a nested object, with attributes name, phone, and address.To map to address in shipping address in your models, you will need to format data as an object.Here is an example in Postgresql: