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Set up in MongoDB
MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL, and document-oriented database that is used for high-volume data storage. It used as a production data base to run applications.

Set up in MongoDB

Under 'Network Settings', ensure you have added both of the following Hightouch IP addresses to your allow list:

Best practices

Create a user in MongoDB specifically for Hightouch and only allow that user to access the tables you want the Hightouch integration to access. Do not use the ‘root’ user.

Connect to MongoDB

When creating a MongoDB destination, you can choose the host, port, username, password, and database, or provide the full URI connection string. For more information, go to the official connection guide.

Locating the connection string in MongoDB

The connection string is available in multiple locations, but a quick way to find it is to click on the 'connect' button next to the name of your cluster: From the options available, select 'Connect your application': Follow the instructions for changing the password and database name in the string. Copy the string by clicking the 'copy' icon: Back in Hightouch, in the MongoDB setup configuration, you can paste your saved connection string into the field provided:

Mappings and identifiers

Hightouch requires identifying one field as the document main identifier. Usually is the _id field, which is autogenerated by MongoDB if not provided, but you can choose any other field. Be aware that you might need an index on that field to speed up the sync.For mappings, you could send every column as a field in the document, or choose mappings that allow you to filter and translate to the field names you need for your documents.

Compatible Versions

The minimum supported MongoDB version is 4.0. Earlier versions might work fine but are not officially supported.