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Iterable is an integrated, cross-channel platform—built for marketers, trusted by engineers, designed with intelligence.


Navigate to Integrations > API Keys and create a new API key with standard permissions.Use the API key generated to create a new Iterable destination in the Destinations tab of Hightouch.Now that you have a new Iterable destination, you can start piping data!

Iterable Objects

This integration supports syncing the following objects:
  • Users
  • Events
  • Catalog Items

Sync Modes

There are two possible modes for how to alter Iterable objects:
  • Upsert - pushes new objects to Iterable and keeps them updated with data from your warehouse
  • Update - updates particular fields on existing objects in Iterable. No new objects are inserted.

User Upsert

Upsert has three configuration parameters:
Hightouch Column Containing Iterable EmailThe name of the column on the Hightouch query that will map to the email field for users in Iterable. This is used as the primary key in Iterable.
Hightouch Column Containing Iterable User IDThe name of the column (id, created_at, first_name, etc..) that will map to the userId field for users in Iterable.
Hightouch to Iterable Field MappingsA list of fields that will be pushed to new users in Iterable. Each time a sync occurs in Hightouch these users will be updated.
Here is an example:
Only the email column is required, all other mappings are completely optional.


Custom events are currently the only events that can be synced to Iterable.

Event Upsert

In this mode, new events will be inserted into Iterable, and those events will be kept up-to-date within Iterable using the event ID. Upsert is currently the only mode available for use with Iterable events.These fields are required for events:
  • Event name (in the text field or as a mapped column)
  • Either user email or user id (email takes precedence)
These fields can be modified on an existing event:
  • Event name
  • Campaign ID
  • Template ID
  • Timestamp
  • Custom fields
Any custom destination fields are provided to Iterable in the dataFields property of the request.


Iterable catalogs can be synced to using Upsert mode.

Iterable Catalog Item Upsert

These fields are reuired for catalog items:
  • Catalog Name
  • Product ID
Existing Iterable catalogs will be automatically populated within Hightouch.Once a catalog is selected, Hightouch will automatically pull existing field types from your Iterable catalog.