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Heap is a Digital Insights Platform that tells you what is happening on your website or in your digital product. It provides valuable analysis of who is interacting with your product, how they are interacting with it, and why.


This integration allows you to sync Events, User Properties, and Account Properties to Heap.

Initial Setup

Upon selecting Heap as your destination you will be prompted to input your Heap Environment ID, which correspond to the specific project environment you wish to sync your data to.You can locate the appropriate Environment ID within your Heap account by navigating to Account > Manage > Projects and clicking on your desired project:

Heap Sync Types

Hightouch currently supports syncing the following Heap sync types:
  • Events
  • Objects:
    • User Properties
    • Account Properties

Syncing Objects to Heap

Object Sync Modes

There is one possible sync mode for Heap objects:
  • Upsert - pushes new objects to Heap and updates fields that change in your warehouse.

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Userflow workspace by the identity (typically a unique user property) or account_id, depending on the object you are syncing.

A Note on Syncing Account Properties

In order to sync account properties you must first have users synced into your Heap workspace. The reason for this is that in order to sync account properties you must first configure Account IDs. This may be done by navigating to Account > Manage > Features and reading the following:
"To analyze accounts in Heap, you need to specify a user property that can be used to group users into accounts (e.g. Account ID)."

Syncing Events to Heap

Event Sync Modes

There is one possible sync mode for Heap events:
  • Insert - only pushes new events to Heap.

Event Name

In order to specify the name of the event you wish to sync to Heap you have the option of either inputting the name of a particular event or using a column from your model.


You may also specify the timestamp of the event in your source. However, be aware that this value may be overridden by its respective mapping and is completely optional. If you choose not to explicitly specify a timestamp then Heap will use the time the event arrives to the server.


The identity of an event is a required field and is typically a unique user property. If the specified identity does not exists, a new user will be created with that identity in Heap.

Field Mapping (Events and Objects)

You may also sync columns from your source to Heap as event, user, or account properties. Any property previously created will be updated and any new properties will be created.