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Documentation/Destinations/Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences

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A Facebook Custom Audience is a targeted advertising service that allows businesses to import information or “identifiers” about leads and customers (such as email and phone number) to retarget them via ads on Facebook.


Go to "Create Destination" in top rightClick "Authorize a new Facebook Custom Audiences acccount"Complete the OAuth flow with FacebookAfter being redirected back to Hightouch, select an Ad Account using the Dropdown and then click "Save"

Connecting Facebook Custom Audiences to a query

All that you have to do to connect a query to Facebook Custom Audiences is setup mappings between the columns returned by your SQL query and Facebook.The columns on the left hand side are from the SQL query and the columns on the right hand side are from the Facebook Ads

Special Mappings

The mappings supported by Facebook are pretty standard with a few exceptions, e.g.