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Facebook Product Catalog

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Initial Setup
Use the Facebook Product Catalog API to send product information and keep your catalogs in Facebook up to date.


This integration allows you to sync products to Facebook Product Catalog.

Initial Setup

If you don't have a product catalog already, navigate to Facebook commerce manager here then click "Add Catalog" to create one.If you already have an existing catalog, it should show up in Hightouch automatically when creating your sync.

Syncing Products To Facebook Catalog

Hightouch supports syncing to the following Facebook Catalog resources:
  • Product Catalog

Sync Modes

This integration supports Upsert mode.In the Upsert mode, new products will be inserted into your Facebook catalog and all attributes will be kept up-to-date within Facebook.

Record Matching

Product records can be matched from your source to your Facebook catalog workspace by the product ID in the Upsert mode.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Facebook catalog's default and custom fields. Hightouch automatically detects existing custom fields from your Facebook catalog account.

Delete Mode

Delete mode allows you to decide what to do when a record is no longer in the query results. For Facebook catalog, Hightouch allows you to either do nothing, or delete the product from Facebook catalog.