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Attio is a CRM that can hold all important information about your customers, suppliers and partners, but is also flexible so that you can organize, view and manipulate data easily. Designed to fit around the way you work, Attio allows you to create fully customizable and collaborative workspaces for your team's relationships and workflows.


After selecting Attio from our destinations catalog, you will be required to enter your Attio API key. You can locate this API key within your Attio account by navigating to Workspace Settings > Developers:

Syncing rows to Attio

Hightouch supports syncing to the following Attio objects:
  • Companies
  • People

Sync Modes

Hightouch supports the following sync modes:
  • Upsert - pushes new objects to Attio and updates fields that change in your warehouse.

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Attio workspace by domains or email_addresses, depending on the object you are syncing.Note: Attio requires domains and email_addresses to be in an Array format. Hightouch will automatically convert comma separated strings into the required Array format.

Field Mapping

You may also sync columns from your source to Attio's object properties.