Hightouch vs Census

Hightouch is built for both data and business teams, with unique features no other Reverse ETL provider has

By Zack Khan on


More Observability

Hightouch's live debugger logs changes to rows and provides all the info you need (such as API requests and responses) to help you identify and fix errors


Visual Audience Builder

Our Visual Audience Builder allow business team members to visually filter data on top of the models your data team has built in order to self-serve and create audiences for performance marketing tools like Google/FB Ads, sales CRMs like Salesforce and lifecycle marketing tools like Braze & Iterable


Configurable Alerts

Get updated in real time in Slack and Pagerduty about Sync errors


Version control via Git

This allows you to revert issues and require approvals for changes


More integrations

Hightouch also has 60+ integrations, whereas Census only has 39 (all of which Hightouch already supports). We uniquely connect with workflow tools like Asana and Slack to automate your internal processes (like a Slack feed of new customers that sign up, or alerts when customers become inactive).


Higher Quality Integrations

Hightouch’s UX is custom built for each integration, allowing you to more easily configure how you want your data to appear in your tools (unlike Census’s one-size-fits-all design)

You can learn more about Hightouch's features here: https://hightouch.io/data-features