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Data Apps: Fad or Trend?

Learn about the future of Data Apps, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether or not they are here to stay.

May 17th, 2022Data

The Definitive Guide: CDPs vs. CRMs vs. DMPs

Learn everything there is to know about CDPs, CRMs, and DMPs. Discover the key differences, use cases, and shortcomings...

May 13th, 2022Data

Identity Resolution - Why CDPs Fall Short

Learn about what Identity Resolution is, and why you should be managing this process yourselves within your data warehouse.

May 12th, 2022Data

The Marketers Guide to TikTok Conversion Tracking

Maximizing TikTok ROI through a best-in-class integration strategy

May 11th, 2022Ops

Hightouch + Looker: Activate Data from Looks to any Business Application

Utilize your existing Looker Looks as data models in Hightouch

May 4th, 2022Data

What's New at Hightouch (April 2022)

April is over and it's time to catch up on everything you missed. Check out our latest announcements, new integrations, latest features, product updates, and see what's coming up!

May 2nd, 2022Updates

The CDP as we know it is dead: Introducing the Unbundled CDP

Learn why CDPs are dead and how you can take advantage of the data warehouse.

April 21st, 2022Data

GA4 & Reverse ETL: Activating Your Behavioral Data in BigQuery

Learn how you can start leveraging your data in BigQuery to enrich your customer data in Google Analytics.

April 20th, 2022Data

Hightouch Acquires Workbase

We’re excited and humbled to bring the Workbase team into our fold and are looking forward to further expand Hightouch's capabilities.

April 19th, 2022Updates

What is Data Activation?

Learn everything to know about Data Activation, what it is, why it matters, and how you can get started activating your data today.

April 18th, 2022Data

Hightouch: The Data Activation Platform

Our transition from Reverse ETL to a Data Activation Platform, helping everyone take action on their data

April 13th, 2022Data

Data Activation: The Next Step After Analytics

Analytics & BI aren't enough: learn why you need to focus on data activation to help everyone take action on their data

April 13th, 2022Data

How We Migrated to Salesforce in 4 Hours using Hightouch

CRM migrations are painful, but they shouldn't be. Learn how you can migrate your CRM in under four hours.

April 12th, 2022Data

Hightouch Notify: Get Notified Where You Work

Stop checking dashboards: start getting notified about key business events (from your warehouse) directly in your messaging tools

April 7th, 2022Updates

Hightouch is Going Multi-Region: Why You Should Care About Data Residency

Data residency laws are changing. Learn how you can use Hightouch’s new multi-region capabilities to store data in your region.

April 6th, 2022Updates

Our Integration with Databricks: Activate your ML models in your Lakehouse

Learn how you can activate the data models in your Lakehouse with Hightouch and Databricks.

April 4th, 2022Updates

Heroku Connect: The Definitive Guide

Learn everything there is to know about Heroku Connect and why Reverse ETL is a better alternative.

March 30th, 2022Data

Customized Alerts for Syncs with our new Datadog Integration

Learn how you can start configuring customized alerts for your syncs with our new Datadog integration.

March 30th, 2022Updates

How to Integrate with Third-Party APIs

Learn everything you need to know about integrating with third-party APIs and how you can get started today.

March 24th, 2022Data

Why Your Alerting Should Be Configurable

Learn how you can adopt configurable alerting across your entire data stack.

March 21st, 2022Data

What's New at Hightouch (March 2022)

See what's new with Hightouch in March 2022. Check out new features including Template Mappings, View SQL, new integrations, etc., and the latest news.

March 17th, 2022Updates

Unbundling the CDP

Learn why a more modular approach to first-party data benefits marketing and data teams.

March 15th, 2022Data

The Implementation Free CDP: Stop Waiting 6 Months

Stop spinning your wheels trying to implement a CDP and learn how you can activate your data immediately.

March 9th, 2022Data

What is Data Ingestion? | The Definitive Guide

Learn what data ingestion is, why it matters, and how you can use it to power your analytics and activate your data.

March 9th, 2022Data

Hightouch Debugger & Observability: Better than Ever

Learn about our updated Debugger, why data observability is important for Reverse ETL and see why no other Reverse ETL platform compares to Hightouch.

February 28th, 2022Updates

How to send data from Snowflake to Hubspot

Learn how you can move data from Snowflake to Hubspot in 6 easy steps

February 4th, 2022Data

How to send data from Snowflake to Google Ads

Learn how you can move data from Snowflake to Google Ads in 6 easy steps

February 4th, 2022Data

How to send data from Google Sheets to Notion

Learn how you can move data from Google Sheets to Notion in 6 easy steps

February 4th, 2022Data

What's new at Hightouch in February: Templates, Auto-mappings, SSO, & Filters

See what's new with Hightouch including suggested mappings, sync templates, sync filters, new integrations, Reverse ETL use cases, and new product features right around the corner.

February 3rd, 2022Updates

Redshift vs Snowflake: The Definitive Guide

Discover the key differences between Redshift and Snowflake around architecture, pricing, security, compliance, data support, administration, data protection, performance, etc...

February 3rd, 2022Data

dbt and Hightouch are putting your transformed data to work

Give your business teams access to transformed data in the tools they use every day. Hightouch now integrates with dbt to help you bring “Reverse ETL” to your stack.

January 27th, 2022Data

The Definitive Guide to Conversion APIs & Web Pixels

Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Tiktok are adopting conversion APIs to capture data that web pixels and cookies can no longer collect. Here's an overview on how to adopt these new server-side advertising APIs.

January 25th, 2022Data

Airflow Alternatives: A Look at Prefect and Dagster

We take a deep dive into Airflow, Prefect, and Dagster and the differences between the three!

January 7th, 2022Data

Reverse ETL vs ELT

Discover the technical differences between Reverse ETL and ETL/ELT and learn how they work behind the scenes.

December 22nd, 2021Data

Databricks vs Snowflake: The Definitive Guide

Discover the key differences between Databricks and Snowflake around architecture, pricing, security, compliance, data support, administration, data protection, performance, etc...

December 20th, 2021Data

Azure Synapse vs Snowflake: The Definitive Guide

Discover the key differences between Azure Synapse and Snowflake around architecture, pricing, security, compliance, data support, administration, data protection, performance, etc...

December 20th, 2021Data

The Need for Speed in Reverse ETL

An overview of how we think about speed, covering ways our customers power timely business workflows, the typical speeds they experience and improvements we are making to speed up Reverse ETL for everyone.

December 1st, 2021Updates

The Definitive Guide to PQLs (Product-Qualified-Leads)

Learn why you should care about PQLs and how you can leverage them to prioritize high-value leads, create lifecycle marketing campaigns, and automate sales processes.

November 24th, 2021Ops

What is Reverse ETL: A Definition & Why It's Taking Off

Hightouch's definitive guide to Reverse ETL goes in-depth into how Reverse ETL enables marketing and sales teams to provide better customer experiences.

November 22nd, 2021Data

Hightouch Series B: What’s Next for Reverse ETL

We’re honored to announce that Hightouch has raised $40M. With this latest round of funding, we will grow our team, expand the surface area of Hightouch, and deliver the best customer experience humanly possible.

November 17th, 2021Updates

Why Every Tool in the Modern Data Stack Needs Git

Leverage the power of software development and DevOps and implement the same best practices you use in your production code in the context of data integration with Git.

November 9th, 2021Data

4 Ways to Operationalize your Product Usage Data

Learn how you can leverage your product data in your GTM motion.

November 4th, 2021Ops

Preparing for a New Era of Advertising with a Server-Side First Integration Strategy

Learn what a server-side integration is, why it's worth focusing on now, and how you can leverage Hightouch to push your server-side event data to your different ad platforms.

October 27th, 2021Ops

Reverse ETL Bringing the Modern Data Stack Full Circle

Reverse ETL is an emerging category in the modern data stack space. Learn how you can eliminate data silos, operationalize your data, and automate your data integration processes.

October 26th, 2021Ops

Why Your Customer Data Platform (CDP) Should Be the Data Warehouse

Off-the-shelf customer data platforms have serious shortcomings. Consider data warehouses instead.

October 18th, 2021Ops

SaaS Integration: What it is & Why it's Important

Learn how SaaS integrations eliminate data silos and the available solutions in the market.

October 13th, 2021Ops

How to Enrich Salesforce Data in 6 Steps

Learn How Hightouch can help you enrich your Salesforce data in 6 easy steps.

October 8th, 2021Ops

How to Enrich Hubspot Data in 6 Steps

Learn How Hightouch can help you enrich your Hubspot data in 6 easy steps.

October 8th, 2021Ops

BigQuery vs Snowflake: The Definitive Guide

Discover the key differences between Google BigQuery and Snowflake around architecture, pricing, security, compliance, data support, administration, data protection, performance, etc...

October 7th, 2021Data

Why Salesforce Shouldn't be Your Source of Truth

Learn how Salesforce creates data silos and why the data warehouse should be your source of truth instead.

October 7th, 2021Ops

A Deep Dive into Hex and the Future of Data Apps

Learn about Hex, a collaborative data analysis platform, and the future of data apps built on top of the data warehouse

October 6th, 2021Data

Looker Actions: The Definitive Guide

Learn everything about Looker Actions, how it automates workflows to take action on data, where it falls flat, and the alternatives for your data needs.

October 1st, 2021Ops

7 Alternatives to Using Segment

Review the pros and cons of Segment, its core features like Warehouses and Personas, and check out the best alternative CDP platforms.

September 28th, 2021Data

Matillion: The Definitive Guide

Learn everything about Matillion and Matillion Data Loader, how they offer ETL & ELT services to solve data integration problems, where they fall flat, and alternatives for your data needs.

September 27th, 2021Ops

The future of data integration: what iPaaS & Workflow Automation tools got wrong

Learn about the shortcomings of iPaaS/Workflow Automation solutions and why the future of data integration is declarative

September 21st, 2021Ops

Why Every Marketer Needs the Power of SQL: an Interview with Fareed Mosavat (former Director of Product at Slack)

Fareed Mosavat (who has led product teams at some of the hottest PLG companies like Slack, Instacart, and Zynga) shares his experiences leveraging data to unlock product-led growth, any barriers he had to overcome, and where he sees the space moving forward

September 15th, 2021Ops

Understanding Data Enrichment: A Comprehensive Guide | Hightouch

Learn what data enrichment is, why it matters, and how you can implement it today.

September 13th, 2021Data

Solving Data's "Last Mile" Problem with Reverse ETL and Data Observability

Discussing the latest standard in data: using your data warehouse to power business workflows (with Reverse ETL) and ensuring you can trust your data (with Data Observability).

September 8th, 2021Data

Announcing Hightouch's SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Hightouch has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance for the security, availability, and confidentiality trust service principles.

September 3rd, 2021Updates

Announcing Hightouch Audiences: Enabling Marketers to Self-Serve their Data

Marketing teams should be able to build audiences and personalize campaigns: no engineering favors needed.

August 30th, 2021Ops

The Definitive Guide to Product-Led Growth (PLG) CRMs

CRMs don’t work for Product Led Growth Companies: A definitive guide to PLG CRMs

August 19th, 2021Ops

Hightouch receives recognition as a Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star!

We are honored to be included in the Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Stars list for 2021.

August 10th, 2021Updates

Hightouch partners with Dreamdata to operationalize your revenue attribution data

Our partnership with Dreamdata, a leader in B2B Revenue Attribution, empowers business teams to self-serve and operationalize customer data

August 6th, 2021Ops

Hightouch has raised a Series A!

We are proud to announce that we've raised a $12.1M Series A led by Amplify Partners and Bain Capital

July 28th, 2021Updates

What is Operational Analytics & Why You Should Use It

Operational analytics (OA) focuses on improving business operations by putting your data to work in the tools that run your business. Learn how the Hightouch Operational Analytics platform streamlines your OA here.

July 26th, 2021Ops

The State of Automated Testing in the Data Warehouse

A deep dive into automated data testing, why it matters and the top tools to consider

July 6th, 2021Data

Exploring Data Lineage with OpenLineage

In this post, we ask what is data lineage and take a detailed dive into OpenLineage and how it aims to unify metadata and lineage across tools to make data lineage easier to reason about.

June 11th, 2021Data

What's the difference between Reverse ETL tools and Segment?

If you want to get your data into SaaS tools, there's multiple solutions to help with this. Two popular ones are Segment and Reverse ETL. In this post, we discuss how they compare and contrast.

June 4th, 2021Data

Announcing Hightouch's SOC 2 Compliance

Hightouch has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance for the security, availability, and confidentiality trust service principles.

June 3rd, 2021Updates

The State of Reverse ETL: What Operational Analytics Looks Like Today & Beyond

A deep-dive into how companies are using Reverse ETL in to power their operational workflows

May 13th, 2021Data

Using Hightouch and Slack to Power Sales Ops Workflows

Getting data from your Data Warehouse into Slack couldn't be easier. With just a few lines of SQL, you can start sending custom notifications to your teams in minutes.

May 7th, 2021Data

Enabling Sales Teams by Syncing Product Data into Hubspot

Learn how to grab product metrics from your product database and generate queries that will expose that data in Hubspot to enable your Sales teams

May 3rd, 2021Data

Automate Your External Reporting With the Modern Data Stack

With the right infrastructure, reporting can become truly routine. Even more than that, it’s a chance to demonstrate your value to the company and customers.

April 27th, 2021Data

How to use customer data to personalize your marketing campaigns

Running a marketing campaign without any customer data is like shooting in the dark. Help your customers feel understood by personalizing your outreach using customer data in your favorite marketing tools

April 23rd, 2021Ops

Introducing the Live Debugger

Introducing our Live Debugger, the latest feature that helps make Hightouch the gold standard for integration observability.

April 21st, 2021Updates

3 Great Ways to Schedule A Hightouch Sync From Your Existing Workflows

We've got three great ways of integrating Hightouch with your existing workflows: Airflow Operators, dbt Cloud integrations, and Webhook APIs.

April 20th, 2021Updates

What is a Data Lakehouse?

The Data Warehouse and the Data Lake both have their strengths and weaknesses. Like yin and yang, they often coexist within the same data stack and this has given rise to a hybrid category — the Data Lakehouse!

April 13th, 2021Data

The Definitive Guide to Pushing Data from Your EDW to Salesforce CRM

With the growing adoption of CRMs in large and small organizations, serving customer data to sales teams is a true competitive advantage. This guide outlines multiple ways for pushing data to Salesforce from your EDW.

April 6th, 2021Ops

Why Data Engineers Should Not Manage dbt

dbt transformations are critical and should be owned by data analysts and scientists because they have the most context to make the data a lot more usable for business teams.

March 30th, 2021Data

Data Engineers Shouldn't Write Reverse ETL: A Guide to Building a Happy Data Engineering Department

This guide sheds light on the state of data engineering in 2021 as well as talks about the rise of Reverse ETL as a core component of the Modern Data Stack.

March 23rd, 2021Data

Modern Data Warehouse Modelling: The Definitive Guide - Part 2

This guide on modern data warehouse modelling explores the current sentiment toward Kimball as well as shines some light on Wide Tables and what the data community thinks of them.

March 9th, 2021Data

Modern Data Warehouse Modelling: The Definitive Guide - Part 1

A guide on modern data warehouse modelling, exploring best practices from the community and famous modelling paradigms like Kimball’s Dimensional Modelling, Inmon, Data Vault and Wide Tables.

March 2nd, 2021Data

dbt Snapshots: The Definitive Guide

One of the most important questions that any analytics-focused company should strive to answer is “How has my data changed over time?” dbt provides a simple solution addressing this exact problem called dbt snapshots.

February 23rd, 2021Data

dbt Cloud: 4 Reasons for Data Teams to Embrace it

The biggest benefit that dbt Cloud offers to data teams and analytics engineers? Freedom from distractions, and the ability to focus where you can add unique value making sense of your company's data.

February 17th, 2021Data

Customer Data Platform: 4 Reasons to Invest in a Readymade Solution Instead of Using Your Data Warehouse as Your CDP

A Customer Data Platform comes in many flavors making it hard to know when it’s a good time to invest in one. This guide tells you when you need a CDP and when you don't.

February 9th, 2021Data

Data Integration: The Definitive Guide

Data integration is the process of moving data between databases internal, external, or both. Read this guide to learn about all the integration technologies and understand how data moves through each of them.

January 28th, 2021Data

How Datadog Operationalizes Their Data Warehouse to Supercharge Their Business Teams

In conversation with Romoli Bakshi, Engineering Team Lead at Datadog who walks us through the process her team follows to operationalize their data warehouse in order to supercharge their business teams.

December 21st, 2020Data

The Future of Warehouses and Customer Data - Software Engineering Daily

Tune in to this episode from the Software Engineering Daily podcast where one of our founders talks about the future of warehouses, what we're building, and the customer data ecosystem as a whole.

November 16th, 2020Data

How to Monitor Customer Usage in Slack via SQL

The Slack integration on Hightouch enables you to pull the resources and metrics important to your business via SQL and then get notified when these resources and metrics change, right within Slack of course!

November 4th, 2020Ops

Syncing Custom Objects and Fields From Your Data Warehouse to HubSpot

We use and love HubSpot and so do our customers and therefore we decided to draft this guide that walks you through the process of syncing custom objects and fields from your Data Warehouse to HubSpot.

November 4th, 2020Ops

Identity Resolution in SQL

What is identity, and how does it relate to customer data? Identity can have many different meanings but essentially, it involves unifying different pieces of data about your customers. Read on to learn more.

November 4th, 2020Data

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