Hightouch Audiences

The only audience builder that lets marketing teams personalize campaigns using ALL their data: no engineering favors needed.

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Customer Touchpoints

Send lifecycle marketing campaigns to customers across any channel as soon as they invite a friend or abandon a shopping cart.

Your Paid Ads

Increase your ROAS by retargeting customers who visited your pricing page or excluding customers who already purchased.

Lookalike audiences

Find new customers similar to your existing high value customers in all of your ad networks like Facebook and Google.

Conversion Events

Send conversion events to any ad network to optimize your targeting, reduce your CAC and provide enhanced ROAS reporting.

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Works with all of your tools

Manage audiences in one central place for all of your tools

Hightouch integrates with your entire Marketing stack to ensure all customer touchpoints can be personalized

Ad Networks

  • Send audiences to ad networks for re-targeting and finding Lookalikes.
  • Send conversion events for more robust CAC and ROAS calculations.

E-mail Tools

  • Send personalized emails with Mailchimp, Sendgrid, SendInBlue or Intercom

Lifecycle tools

  • Send audiences to Braze, Iterable, Customer.io, HubSpot and SFMC for automated lifecycle marketing campaigns
Warehouse vs Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

The most flexible audience builder

Our Audience Builder turns your warehouse into a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a flexible data model

  • Use Custom Objects: You are not just limited to just users and accounts: define audiences using custom objects specific to your business, like Workspaces, Accounts, Products, etc.
  • Get started instantly with the data you already have. It's not uncommon for CDPs to take up to a year to implement because you need to use their tracking library and rigid data model
  • Send unlimited data: Send audiences at scale without hitting API rate limits, MTU/MAU charges or overages in your marketing tools
  • Access all customer context: Since Hightouch is built on your data warehouse, you can use any information about them, including product actions, billing information and 3rd party data sources.
  • Data is not stored: Keep your sensitive data in your own warehouse (especially for regulated industries like Fintech & Healthcare).
Warehouse into a CDP

How it works

Hightouch is the glue between marketing and data teams.

1SQL savvy users define models and how they relate to each other

With just a SQL query or dbt model, data teams shortlist tables with relevant data and map relationships between those tables to power Hightouch Audiences. Hightouch is flexible and supports any data available in your warehouse: Users, Accounts, Workspaces, Products, etc.

SQL - Direction Relationships

2Marketers create audiences on top of data models

Marketing teams visually filter audiences based on any properties or events. For example, you can choose an audience of users who purchased a certain item or live in a certain city.

SQL - Data model

3Audiences are synced to marketing tools

Sync audiences to CRMs, ad networks like Facebook, marketing automation tools like Marketo, lifecycle marketing tools like Braze or Iterable, email tools like Mailchimp and 70+ other tools.

Tool syncronization

4Run Marketing Campaigns on those Audiences

Deliver personalized messaging to those audiences in your marketing tool and channel of choice, such as email, SMS or in-app.

Campaign message template
Data democratization is here

Build audiences yourself

Create detailed audience segments for your marketing campaigns. No SQL skills required.

Target users by city filter

Target users in New York City

Segment audiences according to shared properties such as age or location

Target users by city filter
Pricing page filter

Filter for users who visited your Pricing page

Filter your audience according to the actions they performed in your application or customer journey

Pricing page filter
Same account users filter

Find users who belong to the same account

Filter based on custom objects that make sense for your company, like Workspaces, Accounts, Products, etc.

Same account users filter
Exclude users filter

Exclude users who already purchased

Filter based on whether a user is part of another audience segment or not

Exclude users filter

Built for Marketers: Self-serve your data

Define the data you need without any engineering favors

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